At Nitro Zone your safety is our top priority.  Please fill out your waiver online to make your check in process simple when you arrive.  Simply click on the link above to get started.  Note: Every person visiting Nitro Zone needs to have a waiver filled out. 


Disclaimer; Parties must be booked online with 72 hours advance notice.


Please call the park if interested in booking before this advance.

Time to complete your order:
Nitro Zone is not your average bowling alley! Each lane has an interactive touch screen that allows you to play 20 different fully intergrated games in addition to your normal 10 pin bowling. The best part – you don’t have to miss a minute of the high energy action! Our dedicated bowling lane servers will handle all of your food and drink orders.

At Nitro Zone, your safety is always our #1 priority. Please review the safety rules below if you choose to participate in bowling.

Safety Rules:
1) Socks and bowling shoes must be worn
2) There are no age limits or restrictions in our bowling lounge, but a waiver is required for all guests